About Rarebits Collection

Rare has greater value.
Rare is cherished.
Rare makes lasting memories.
This is why rarity lies at the heart of Rarebits experience.
And our name.
So, our mission is to provide uncommon excellence.
Stays which stay with you.
Welcomes that make guests return.
Moments which last a lifetime.
Our Rarebits are carefully selected.
All different. All handpicked. And all curated for the curious traveller.
Welcome to our world of one-off gems.
Welcome to uncommon excellence.
Welcome to Rarebits.

What we stand for

We celebrate the places we are part of. We create a true sense of place and find ways to reflect its heritage, culture, language and personality. Food and drink is an important element of this. Locally sourced but prepared to the highest international standards. Rarebits prefer local suppliers, ensuring that we play a key role in our area’s foundation economy. We provide career opportunities for local people.

Whatever we do we do it well. Very well. To be a Rarebit you should be the best in class and strive to be a beacon for quality and excellence. Rarebits are handpicked. Chosen because they are places we believe our guests will always remember fondly. They will want to share these memories and become Rarebits ambassadors.

Rarebits are independent. Privately owned. Never corporate. So, all Rarebits are proud to be different. They are collections of one-off gems. Curated for curious travellers. Guests who want to explore and enjoy discovering the unique, the unusual, and the uncommon. In a world of sameness, we applaud difference.

Rarebits make it easy to enjoy your stay. No need to stand on ceremony. Check-in, then breath-out. Our hosts create settings which are unstuffy and uncorporate. Always informal, warm, genuine and relaxed. Our hosts seek to create memorable moments. Times and places of heightened satisfaction and appreciation.