What’s In Holyhead, Wales?

Holyhead is a beautiful and well-connected town in North Wales. It is most well known for its connections across the water, with it being a major Irish Sea Port, and where the majority of travel to Ireland from Wales originates. But if you are wondering if there’s anything else to explore in this town – you will be pleasantly surprised!

Not only are there ferries serving to bridge us to Ireland, but there are also plenty of boat tours you can take from Holyhead itself. You can sail around just Holyhead, or around the Isle of Anglesey itself on a private boat trip.

The South Stack Lighthouse is also well worth a visit – casting a gorgeous view over the sea and from inland, it is certainly a place to visit for photographers, walkers and anyone who appreciates a little effort for some truly beautiful scenery from the lighthouse itself.

The cliffs themselves near the lighthouse are also a popular attraction, claiming stunning walks in natural settings. There are public toilets and a food van nearby, so you are not cut off. But still plenty of opportunity to see the lighthouse from afar, watch the sea birds and boats go by and enjoy the peace of the cliffs.

If you were looking to stay in Holyhead, perhaps take advantage of the great walks or ferry transport nearby, you can always stay at The Bull’s Head Inn, located in Anglesey, under 40 minutes drive away from all the things to do in Holyhead. The Bull is a lovely dog-friendly location, perfect if you want to holiday with your canine companion.
Beaumaris is a beautiful location, so you know your stay will be friendly and welcoming as well.

Hotels near Holyhead 
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